Бесплатная доставка по России от 6000 р.
Stonewashed softest 100% linen bedding
We produce individual sizes and deliver orders to any place and at the right time - to the office, cafe and even to the airport for the flight departure. We are proud to be friends with our customers and try to do everything to make cooperation with Linen Texture comfortable for customers.
Comfort and convenience in everyday life!
Tablecloths, table paths and table napkins - experiment with details in your kitchen!

Заявка на индивидуальный размер

(для всех типов изделий, кроме одежды)
Закажите пошив в ваших размерах без каких-либо доплат за индивидуальность. Отошьем заказ за 1 неделю.